Simulation Modelling

Posted On: October 14th, 2011    Job Type: Freelance    Job Location: ,

We’d like expressions of interest to assist us to do the following:

We want to create an “Age of Empires” style transportation simulation involving multiple vehicles moving around a stylized map each following a pre-loaded set of routes. (We will ignore collisions.)

Please feel free to enquire if you can do one or both of the following.

1) Modelling
1.1) Create some simple sytlized building models (not a cityscape).

1.2) Create or modify some low-complexity vehicle models.

2) Programming
2.1) Code to receive high level origin/destination route commands in XML format from another computer on IP network or from a file.

2.2) GUI code to enable the user to control camera viewing location and zoom; and also to switch cameras quickly to different key locations.

2.3) GUI code to run & replay the simulation at various speeds.

The proof of concept we are developing will probably have 80% of the above working. We need an expert to add the professional touches to: the code and design, the game scene and models, and the user GUI.


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