Programmer for an Educational Chemistry-Based Puzzle Game!

Posted On: January 24th, 2013    Job Type: Freelance    Job Location:

Hi guys, I’m Jason, and I’m looking for a programmer to help me finish a game I’ve been working on.

I’m making a puzzle game inspired by Organic Chemistry, designed to turn the the traditional prep/study guide into something like a puzzler you’d see on the iOS store. The game is a lot like simple magnet physics – players drag positive and negative molecules together and avoid similarly charged atoms in order to find the right spatial alignment to create a bond. I want to make a game system with a level editor from which I can construct levels. Most of the technical challenges revolve around the Unity’s physics engine, but there are some other challenges, like parsing – the game must be able to recognize when atoms bond into molecules, check tables for appropriate values based on the type of molecule group, and apply those values to the atoms. The game will be in 3D, on the Mac/PC and iPad. The Beta is scheduled to be completed in mid-April, with a public demonstration in mid-May.

The way production would work is this – I’ve got a list of features that I want to implement, and you would be working in 2-week sprints, a la Scrum, to implement them. Each set of sprints builds upon the previous one (for instance, single bonds must work before double bonds are made), so by the end of the 4-6 sprints, we would have the whole system implemented. I would be doing some prototyping of other aspects of the game while you’re working on that, and we would take some time out to implement things that have worked from playtesting those prototypes.

No chemistry knowledge is required for the project. If you’re interested in a bit of side work, I’m willing to pay for the help. Email me, and I’d be glad to send you what I imagine to be the first sprint as an example of what type of challenges you’d be working with.

I’m looking for an experienced Unity Programmer, C# preferred, that are willing to work closely with me for a few months. Good commenting and clean code are extremely important. Please email me with portfolios, and any questions you may have! You can reach me at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Thanks in advance, guys!

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