Awesome Creative C#, Java, Unity Programmer Desperately Needed! Must Love Making Ideas Live!

Posted On: June 5th, 2013    Job Type: Freelance    Job Location: , ,

Needed: Excellent programmer who lives in Edmonton and loves collaboration.

Do you live in Edmonton, Alberta?

Do you love coming up with awesome gameplay ideas and coding them into existence? Do you think it’s lame and weird how few game dev companies there are here? Are you afraid you will get sucked into some lifeless corporate oil work like coding a simulation of oil moving through pipes or some garbage like that? Are you tired of BioWare telling you that you’re not good enough for their fancy shmancy quintuple-A projects?

Do you want to make a game!?


In fact, we *are* making a game.

It’s a 3rd person flight action game set in the sky, with a neo-magic, post-castle, post-apocalypse, arabian knights meets chivalry meets Zeppelins meets other awesome adjective fantasy setting unlike any you’ve ever seen in the market before!

We have 4 people on our team currently, and we want you to be the 5th, and a big part of the team too! We have 2 student 3D modellers, 1 writer/designer and 1 instructor from PixelBlue, the local digital college (of course everyone is wearing many hats, but that’s the long and short of it). Many others at the college (instructors and students alike) have expressed interest but we are still in the pre-ALPHA stage and want an excellent programmer to join us before we balloon too big.

If you:
– are familiar with Unity
– are an excellent coder (C#, Javascript, etc)
– really want to make games

Then we want you.

The job will take as much time as you want to put in, so Freelance/PartTime/FullTime whatever. Obviously this is a *key* position but it’s 100% ok if you have other projects or work full-time.

No one on the project is getting paid – but exceptions can be made! If you are the perfect candidate but money is a serious issue I will break my back ten times over to guarantee whatever amount I can muster. I will cook you dinner if I must! This is a *real* passion project and IT WILL BE COMPLETED, DAMN IT!

Shoot me an email, meet me for coffee or beer and let’s talk!

Your soon-to-be best friend in Oilcity,


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