Unity 3D Programmer / Interactive Designer

Posted On: February 17th, 2015    Job Type: Freelance    Job Location:

Unity 3D Project:
We have two 3D models designed in Blender and we need to add interactivity to them which will be further used in an iOS app. The models will be different in look but have the same functionality. The parts of a model will not be movable but, by pressing on different parts of the model, a user would access some information (pictures or videos) attributable to that part. Once the interaction is complete, the model would show that by changing color of the part interacted with. Over a period of learning/interaction with a model, it will be recording the interaction. Once a period is over, it will reset back to original.

An example below may give a better idea. The task will be similar to creating a globe with the grid for countries, and a user can click on a country and get a set of videos and images, go through them, after which, the country is marked as learned. On user end, he/she should be able to see how learning progresses: more countries change colors into learned; the more times country is accessed, the more prominently it changes the color. A user also should be able to add their information to the countries (perhaps not automatically but through some review process). On developer’s end, the developer also should be able to add/ modify content attributable to each globe part, set the content free or paid.
Whereas some content-related functionalities will be built on our end, the candidate will prepare all the model-related interactivity functions.
• Must have worked on a Unity 3D app for iOS and Android;
• Experience working on Mobile Deployments of Unity3D apps (please provide links)
• Available for the project for the month of April
• Fluent English by phone, Skype, email, and other online project management tools.

Providing the links exemplifying past experiences and projects is crucial.
Please also provide your fee requirements.

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