Looking for a Unity2D dev for a Metroidvania Precision Platformer

Posted On: March 16th, 2015    Job Type: Freelance    Job Location:

Odeskers, apply here! Highly rated and active user of the site. You’ll be paid, treated well and deal with someone who has both of our interests in mind! New to development, not to business or outsourcing. This job is not “contingent on” financing or as per rules a “profit share.” Established in 2005 (but as stated, not in gaming).


Those of you that are “anti-odesk” no worries. It doesn’t need to be on the platform depending on the arrangement and we’re NOT looking for $3 an hour workers. There is a balance here though. In some cases, purchasing existing codebasesprojects may be more worthwhile than working hourly and then handing that off to another freelancer.

What we’re looking for (In order of importance)
* Previously documented examples of 2D platformers done in Unity with tight 2D controls. Those with examples of precision platformers will be given the highest priority!
* Extensive and established code base to work from (For instance an already, or multiple already completed platformers in Unity). The faster you can get from nothing to “playable” the better.
* Expected overall budget to beta Hourly Rate.

An hourly rate that is very high (for instance, a developer that works in a developed nation with many job prospects) it may be more fruitful to discuss what you have to offer as an established codebase as a sort of middlewear agreement.

* Super Metroid : Overall game structure
* Super Meatboy Dustforce : Precision platforming physics
* Cave Story Mega Man Metal Slug Contra : Run & gun shooting
* Limbo Mark of the Ninja : Occasional stealth & puzzle solving

Since a spec sheet would be overly extensive, offered instead is a realistic way to understand concisely the amount of work necessary for budgeting.

The creation of all basic code, physics, game map (the map viewable in menu of accessed and to be accessed areas) & streaming (feeding the rooms to the buffer, creating the illusion of one consistent world) that would be present in a Super Metroid port to Unity. With 3 objectives programmed to demonstrate the functionality.

All assets;sounds, sprites & tiles can be placeholders. The code must be polished and set the stage for a non-programmer to put effort into level design to set the stage for a possible kickstarter or to focus more finances on the project. This does not mean a mature or robust level world.

But remember, at the completion of your work, this would be handed off to someone with a cursory knowledge of programming that would spend their time primarily in a tiledmap editor, graphic designers and soundmusic artists.

Crucial to this bid are going to be real, high level discussions about the amount of work involved, experience in Unity2D and an understanding of the influences involved. It is impossible to technically document “tight controls” and “run and gun mechanics” to someone who doesn’t love what they do.

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