Posted On: March 16th, 2015    Job Type: Freelance    Job Location:

Lifeform Entertainment is presently seeking a mid-level programmer to work on a compact, but very high-profile app. Our app is a sophisticated tool used for traditional tabletop games and features extremely polished, touch-based controls and UI. There is a major gaming brand behind this project.

+You must be physically located in the greater Seattle area so that you can readily interact with our team -in person-. You will work from both your home office (75%) and with team-mates at a central location (25%)

+We are not looking remote contractors at this time!

+Fluent in C# and Unity 4.6 UI System

+Experienced professionals only. Please be familiar with the ins and outs of setting up a Unity project as well as a solid grasp of what it takes to release and maintain builds for the iOS store. You will be expected to maintain a clean code-base and follow typical professional software practices

+Please be of a personality type who enjoys working closely with designers and artists. You should also exhibit A+ professionalism, reliability, and enthusiasm

+For this project, we’re specifically looking for an engineer who has a little bit of designer or artist in his or her blood. A knack for controls, gameplay, interface, and visuals is desirable; and, you will be working hand-in-hand with our lead designer to interate! and ensure the best possible hands-on experience

+Skill with physics, materials, and shaders a plus. Daikon Forge familiarity a plus. C/C++ background and an Engineering degree a plus. Experience with mobile devices and apps a huge plus

+Experience with traditional tabletop games a huge plus

Under the Hood
+Paid project, production is already under way

+8 week development cycle, with a strong likelihood of additional work and a higher pay grade
iOS phones are our first release target. Tablets and Android will happen as separate, future projects with their own dev cycles

+You will be working with a small team of heavy-hitter game designers, engineers, and artists with an extreme amount of experience in the game and app space. You will have access to and support from several of our senior engineers.

+The app is associated with a major gaming label. It will be visually striking, and we expect sales to be brisk. Some of our other apps are downloaded thousands of times each day; so, we have a bit of a track record in this space

If this sounds interesting to you, please tell us more about yourself by email contact; and send us your cv: email hidden; JavaScript is required
You can read more about Lifeform here: lifeformentertainment.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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