Mobile Action/Arcade Games Engineer

Posted On: April 12th, 2015    Job Type: Part Time    Job Location:

We are seeking a part-time coder (will grow to full-time) in a similar time zone to Western Australia to flip high-end 3D mobile game apps for a start-up.

This is fantastic opportunity for software engineering graduates looking to build their resume for the ever expanding mobile games industry!

Ideally, we would like a young person with extraordinary coding experience, who can be available 24/7.


• Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering (minor in computer graphics)
• Experience using Unity3D, Prime31 tools (admob, Chartboost, Vungle), nGUI, optimising for Android an iOS.
• Working knowledge of C#, C/C++, Visual Studio, Window 7/8 environment.
• Knowledge of graphical design tools such as Photoshop, Adobe illustrator and Inkscape
• Knowledge of 3D modelling and associated software such as Maya and 3DS Max
• Any experience in graphic/visual arts and design will be highly regarded!

You own an Android device as well as an iPhone and work primarily from a pc and/or mac.

You must be friendly and approachable, be trustworthy, have excellent communication skills (competent spoken and written English), be proactive, and take the initiative.

You must be willing to go out of your way to achieve and exceed goals, be an excellent researcher, be able to work solo and solve problems on your own. Your drive should not just be financial, it must also be about completing goals.

You must understand visual modelling, software engineering best practice, generate a fast turn-around and be quick thinking.

You must recognize the importance of working in a team and you enjoy having consistent goals and timelines.

Please send all resumes with an attached cover letter through to email hidden; JavaScript is required

email hidden; JavaScript is required