OpenSmash: expandable FOSS rewrite of SSB in Unity

Posted On: April 12th, 2015    Job Type: Full Time    Job Location:


A few people including me are working on a project called OpenSmash.

Perhaps you are familiar with the Super Smash Bros series by Nintendo. A few of us are creating a game based on one of those games, but here’s the catch:

– It’s open-source
– It will be deployed on Windows, Mac, Linux, (and maybe consoles)
– It is FULLY CONFIGURABLE. Someone with a copy of the game can change almost any aspect of the game that they want to. This includes physics, controls, models, animations, scripts, sounds, camera settings, you name it.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve started working on the engine itself. We’ve got a composer off making music with his team, a 3D modeler with us, a couple of programmers , and a lead/design artist. Altogether a dozen people so far involved. We do however appreciate that it is not entirely possible to create a game like this without some money/revenue involved. So… Here’s our plan:

– Crowd-funding: this is probably the best way to generate revenue for an open-source project, as well as gain some popularity. In fact, our composer and his team are not working for free.
– All our features won’t be implemented at once, they will be added incrementally. For example, features such as complete multiplayer might not be implemented by the first playable release. Each feature set is going to have a goal attached to it, for which me promise for it to be implemented if it is reached. This will be our revenue, which will account for any payments.
– There is a massive base for people who want to play Super Smash Bros. There’s a project called Super Smash Flash that has exploded in the field. How? Keep the best parts of the originals, and add your own special touch. That is what we hope to achieve. The configurability is probably the best aspect of the game as it allows the client to control the game however they please.
– Release Windows, Mac, Linux versions first. When we have a good case that this game’s development is legit, we’ll be able to get licenses to deploy on the consoles (Wii U, PS3/4, XBox, etc.). The core of the game is being designed with cross-platform compatibility in mind, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble porting (thanks to Unity).

So as you can probably tell by now, our team believes that this project has a lot of potential.

Now that Unity 5 is out and the Personal Edition is about as beastly as Pro, open-source projects are a huge potential for the market, and we definitely intend to set an example of open-source development in Unity.

To you pros out there, remember this is going to be a crowd-sourced project, so if you think that it won’t pay off, think again. This game is going to be production quality, not some cheap ripoff.

We are in need of programmers, 3D modelers, animators, voice actors, moveset writers, reverse engineerers (with experience with Melee and Brawl), and story writers for OpenSmash’s Story Mode. We will also need 2 or 3 people experienced with shortwave radio broadcasting (and things like numbers stations) to help develop the moveset for a certain new character.

Thank you a lot for your time,
OpenSmash Team

The above was written by main programmer TOJO, with edits made by me. We are using Apache v2 as our license. OpenSmash is free and open-source software. More details can be found here:

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