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Been working with a developer now for over a year on a 8 month project. Last six months has been just trying to get it out of Unity to a version that a consumer could log into. This is being developed for students that will be using it for about 3 years and it needed to have a update process for the windows and mac. That never worked out. So they tried to move to web got a working version that used the old plugin and only worked in chrome. That was working March one. Of course that was not much good as in April Chrome will no longer support the plugin. Last month they have been trying without success to get it working with webGL. Problem was the .data file which was 250 meg with the plugin is now 550 meg. Other big problem is there is no mic support in webgl and being able to record and send the recording to their teacher is central to the app. They recommended Unity as the platform to develop in and after the fact I found out that this is their first real project. At some point I also need Android and IOS version. What I am looking for right now is someone to act as an outside consultant and get this project back on track.

If you want to look at what the student app looks like you can find it at
login is mishkan
password is mishkan

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