Serious Games Programmer For Driver Simulation

Posted On: May 21st, 2015    Job Type: Full Time    Job Location: ,

Virtual Driver Interactive is looking for a multi-talented enthusiastic game developer with Unity experience to add to our team. We are looking for more than just a programmer. Our current developers do it all, they utilize nearly every aspect of the Unity game engine and employ game mechanics in driving simulation lessons. If you enjoy solving interesting problems related to vehicle and character AI, Vehicle Physics, HUD interactions, Logitech G27 Steering Wheels, shaders, character animations, weather managers – all the techniques that might go into making a racing game in a large simulated world – then we may have a position for you on our development team. We need someone who is a creative generalist, someone who is versatile, who plays games and has experience making them.

Few companies can offer a uniquely stable career in the “serious” games arena. And few opportunities allow a game developer to make simulations that actually save lives while also working with a fun and exciting technology.

We are the leader in driver simulation software, benefiting from a lineage that includes nearly two decades simulation experience. Additionally, we are the only company to apply this expertise to commercially affordable driving improvement simulators. Visit for more information.

Required Skills:

1) 2-3 years experience with Unity game engine using C# making games or simulations.

2) Ability to understand and generate clean organized code using appropriate design patterns. Familiarity with writing Editor scripts and productivity tools.

3) Experience with Visual Studio and willing to re-factor, rewrite, redo work in order to make things cleaner, better, faster.

4) Ability to build (lesson / scene) levels.

5) Good grasp of basic algebra, trigonometry, vectors, basic physics, finite state machines, behavior trees, A* pathing, or simple node pathing using Bezier curves – and willing to learn related topics.

6) Understanding of databases.

Desirable (Bonus) Skills:

– Proficient in using 3D software (Maya or Max).
– Basic knowledge of 3D Computer Graphics (polygon meshes, textures, surface normals).
– Experience with writing custom shaders.
– Experience with Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.
– Understanding of C++, Networking, Windows, Linux

I am sorry to say we are only looking for developers in Sacramento, San Francisco, Palo Alto California and surrounding areas who can interview in person.

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