Senior Game Developer

Posted On: September 14th, 2015    Job Type: Part Time    Job Location: ,

As a Developer, you are responsible for translating game concepts and art direction into a tangible, playable product. You are responsible for maintaining the technical integrity and robustness of the product while also respecting the vision and intentions of the Art and Design teams, Creative Director and client.

You will need technical proficiency in all areas of game development, across multiple platforms, technologies and devices. You will also have an instinctive understanding of what makes a fun game, allowing you to offer creative solutions to issues you may encounter with the art, design or technical implementation.

Your primary role within the project team will be Game Developer but you will be required to take on other roles where necessary. These will include, but are not limited to, Lead Developer and System / Framework Developer .

Senior Position Responsibilities
● Technical advocacy
● Providing guidance and support to junior team members and assisting Producers in the management of them
● Working across multiple projects and/or with multiple roles
● Ownership, iteration and maintenance of Preloaded core libraries
● Performing code reviews

● Technical Director: Linemanager and first point of contact if you require general support
● Producers (Assigned per project): Working closely with and accountable to the producer in terms of estimates, schedules and daytoday project direction. You will be required to keep the producers uptodate regarding your work and progress
● Design Team: Providing feedback on the scale and complexity of game concepts and ensuring they have the tools they need
● Art Team: Providing feedback on the complexity of proposed art direction, ensuring art is as optimised as possible, and suggesting potential techniques / effects that may be suitable for the project
● Clients: You will be expected to help communicate technical solutions and rationale to clients when necessary

DaytoDay activities
● Implementation of all component parts of our games, including but not limited to rendering, engine architecture, AI, frontend UI and UX, etc
● Researching new techniques and processes to improve technical production
● Maintaining a knowledge of emerging technology and platforms
● Iterating and improving the technical production workflow
● Knowledge sharing across departments
● Participating in game concept workshops
● Participating in Tech team meetings
● Participating in project meetings (kickoff meeting, SCRUMS etc)
● Providing input on potential new Tech team hires
● Prototyping early game concepts / mechanics
● Writing and maintaining Technical Design documentation
● Writing test plan documentation and performing QA testing
● Maintenance tasks and updates for existing projects
● General IT assistance as required within the studio

Primary role responsibilities
● Implementing innovative, suitable and scalable technical solutions to brief
● Writing efficient, robust and reusable code
● Ensuring technical implementations are achievable within the brief, budget and time
● Validating the technical feasibility of Game Concepts and Art Direction, and helping to define the technical approach accordingly
● Ensuring technical deliverables are robust, welltested and in line with the expected high quality of a Preloaded product
● Creating and iterating concise and useful Technical Design documentation

Secondary role responsibilities
● Creating detailed QA test plan documentation in order to create the best possible userexperience
● Performing QA testing and creating detailed bug reports to help resolve the issues

Studio Responsibilities
● Promoting the business wherever possible, including writing blog posts, speaking at industry events and / or maintaining our voice in the community.
● Using downtime effectively.
● Working within the predefined processes and keeping working documents neat and accessible.
● Accurately record your time using Harvest (time sheet software).
● Ensuring the studio is kept presentable, with particular attention to your desk area.
● Actively develop your existing skills and learn new ones that are relevant to your role, keeping an uptodate knowledge of appropriate techniques, trends and tools.
● Abide by the Preloaded rules and regulations as detailed in the Preloaded Employee Handbook

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