Indie Team Recruting for Realistic Demon Game [Profit-Share venture]

Posted On: October 12th, 2015    Job Type: Part Time    Job Location:

Hi! Hello! Greetings! und Guten Tag! [Profit-Share venture] Platform PC, PS4

A few of us are working on a really cool game based around the concept of ruling your own little slice of hell, and building it too!
If you’re a fan of games such as dungeon keeper, evil genius and other buildy management type minion games that…don’t come to mind. We’d love to have you on this project!

The core concept I’m really trying to push home is REALISM,
NOT “oh I’m digging for gold so I can buy a demon”. THERE IS NO GOLD IN THIS GAME! or digging of any kind…

-More like ‘I have some souls, now what demons can I barter with in order to recruit them to my service, what political advantage can I gain by sending souls to this demon lord, or Who can I trade with to increase my abilities?’

FYI souls have many more uses than just trade, politics and abilities, but you’ll have to read the GDD to know that 🙂

Ah yes and I have a concept for “ASSET-COMBINATION” meaning you build say a Lavapit/Firepit/Lavalake “not figured the name yet” where souls burn in immortal agony and then just to spice things up, throw in a giant demon that you spent several hundred souls on bringing into your service. Fun for everyone!

One more thing about the game, there are RPG elements that are equally as important to the games structure, so if you like any RPG game, you’ll hopefully love working on this!

To sum up, this is a 3D, isometric, “dungeon” management type game with RPG, time travel elements and a political system and much, much more!
Currently we’re working on the demo.

Who I’m Looking For…

NOT the useless. I had a much larger team than I have now, but the lack of commitment made them fade and flutter away before we even started. So if you’re going to join, make sure you’re going to stick with it.
People with talent, So the few guys I have left are really good, and I’d like to continue that trend, I don’t expect perfection from the outset, just the effort to try.

Now the people who I’m really hurting for are a…

Rigger: Not actually checked to see if the coder I have can do this, but he’s already got enough to do, so if you’re a Rigger, then I definitely need you.

UNITY Programmers: The guy I have is currently making the models for naked tortured souls AND he’s supposed to code the game on his lonesome? come on have a heart people!

Level Designer: Currently I’m going to have to do this, but if you’re a level designer then there is a place for you.

3D Modeller: You’ll be modelling various demons of various sizes, object assets, maybe the odd angel, and questing hero. Oh and a HUGH Abaddon and some type of Lucifer.

Not sure what category fire effects and stuff to that…affect, come under, but if you can do it, then I want you also!

If you think you might love to work on this project even if I haven’t listed your job role here, still get in touch I may have a spot for you!

Oh and when you email me, please tell me what role or roles you’re wanting to fill, it’s rather annoying when I have to guess.

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