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Mid-Level Mobile Games Developer | Unity 3D Work

Mid-Level Mobile Games Developer

Posted On: October 20th, 2015    Job Type: Full Time    Job Location: , ,

Matmi are looking for a software developers to work within a creative team developing social, online and mobile apps/games.
We are an award winning digital studio, specialising in making stupidly addictive online & mobile games and sites, and we are looking for super developers to help us produce the next generation of games, apps & social mischievousness.

We are looking for someone with core skills in Unity 3D, Experience working within a team or individually, developing apps/games for online (including some social integration) and mobile platforms is essential.

Technical Skillset
• (Essential) Unity 3D, C# .NET
• (Desirable) HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3

Duties and Responsibilities
• Be fun, ambitious and up for a challenge.
• Full Software Lifecycle application development – designing, coding, debugging and documenting applications in C# and Unity.
• Developing new features and modifying existing features to ensure the production of a quality product.
• Producing project estimates and completing projects on time within budget.
• Working effectively in a team, and communicating with other developers and non-technical staff.
• Enabling relevant stakeholders’ concerns to be identified, considered, and, when appropriate, addressed during the development of the product.
• Develop an application from inception to completion.

Skills and Specifications
• (Essential) 2+ years of commercial development experience with an emphasis on desktop, mobile or web platforms.
• (Essential) Strong knowledge of the C# programming language.
• (Essential) Good understanding of the Unity 5.0 API, including the new UUI system.
• (Essential) Strong sense of game design for usability and great user experience.
• (Essential) Good mathematics and trigonometry knowledge.
• (Essential) Experience distributing to both iOS and Android mobile platforms.
• (Essential) Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication and customer service skills.
• (Desirable) Experience integrating augmented reality, specifically Vuforia SDK.
• (Desirable) Ability to develop native Unity plugins for iOS.
• (Desirable) Experience developing HTML5 games or applications.
• (Desirable) Experience integrating with a server side applications (e.g. REST API).
• (Desirable) Experience working with hardware such as Xbox Kinect, Oculus Rift or iBeacons.
• (Desirable) Good understanding of source control methodology, ideally GitSCM.

About Us
Matmi are multi award winning expert digital agency.
We are currently growing and looking for staff to join the team. Currently we have vacancies for designers and developers.
Since 2001 we have helped clients in search of deeper engagement, through richer, more rewarding content. We deliver new ways to earn the undivided attention of your customers – to educate and inform, tell stories, to delight, or to connect with other ideas or media channels.
Join Matmi if you think you’ll learn from being here. We think you will.
Join if you think your career will progress because you’ll be given more responsibilities than elsewhere and if you’re good at what you do you can move up quickly. We’re a meritocracy.
Join because you know you’ll work on exciting projects rather than a meaningless job cranking out non-core code, producing crappy websites or shuffling paper. Join here if you want to grow.
Join because you like our culture. You think you’ll have fun. You’ll consider your colleagues close friends.
Join because in three years’ time when you look at this job and this company on your CV you’ll feel proud and it will be part of how you got where you were going.
Join because as we grow our ability to reward you will grow and your income will grow with our success that you contributed to.
Working alongside a team of top class designers, developers and online visionaries, you will help to bring creative visions to life, and have the joy of watching your work not only get
played around the world by millions of people, but also be recognised and rewarded for your hard work and commitment.
Our clients include Iron Maiden, Lily Allen, Gorillaz, Warwick Davis, Sony, BBC, ITV, Alton Towers, Comic Relief, ASDA, EMI and Universal Music plus many, many more. We also produce our own IP. We are also strong believers in practicing what we preach, so we invest a lot of energy in developing our own in-house digital entertainment.

Positions Available: Multiple.

Salary: Up to £30k/pa dependent on experience.

Location: Cheshire.

How To Apply: Please send a CV and links to your work with the email title “Developer Role + name” to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Deadline: 06/11/2015

email hidden; JavaScript is required