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Saving the Oceans

Project: Eyes on the Seas is an international initiative by Pew Charitable Trusts in partnership with, and operated by the non-profit UK-based organisation Satellite Applications Catapult. The technology is a global system for analysing vessel tracking information from a wide variety of sources including satellites, correlating tracking information with observations taken from satellites using photography and RADAR, cross referencing with international vessel registries, fishing license information and proprietary fishing databases, and performing in-depth computer analysis of all information using machine learning.

The Eyes on the Seas system is used to monitor and analyse the following data sources:

– Automatic Identification System (AIS) vessel tracking information from satellites and ground-based receivers, and Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) vessel tracking information where it is made available by the relevant authority

– Global vessel registry information from official sources
Authorized vessel lists, including Regional Fisheries Management Organisations’ (RFMO) regional vessel registers and authorized transhipment vessels to correlate and understand tracking information and advice on any appropriate enforcement activities

– Specialist and proprietary fisheries enforcement databases maintained by enforcement analysts and agencies relating to illegal fishing and similar environmental crime

A specialist fisheries analyst with extensive enforcement experience analyses and interprets the computational results of the system in order to write regular activity reports, and as necessary write incident reports including detailed analysis of vessel activity and history as well as providing incident response recommendations. The fisheries analyst also liaises with relevant regional authorities, to ensure that information sharing processes and activity plans are coordinated effectively.

You can see the system in action in this video:

The user interface is developed in Unity3D making heavy use of Particle Systems (to display and animate almost 500,000 tracked vessels), Unity 5 UI (for the various analyst tools), and substantial business logic in C#. We are looking for a contract software developer with Unity3D experience in these areas who can help build out functionality in the application, and provide input into the overall user experience. The role is based in Harwell, Oxford, UK for a minimum of 3 months, and the chosen candidate will be expected to work on-site for much of the time. More detail about the role and how to apply can be found here:

If you are highly motivated with a can-do attitude, have the necessary experience and want to join a team making a difference in the world, increasing sustainability for the oceans, and improving the livelihoods of people in developing countries, apply now to email hidden; JavaScript is required

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