Creative Project Manager

Posted On: March 9th, 2016    Job Type: Part Time    Job Location: ,

PreviewLabs is a company specialized in the development of prototypes for games and other projects using game development technology. We work for clients all over the world, including for game developers, game start-ups, and research institutions, who use these prototypes to evaluate, improve and pitch concepts.

As a creative project manager, you’ll take full ownership of projects – from early conversations with the client until delivery and beyond. This includes writing proposals, following up on the development, and testing.

The following are the responsibilities for the Creative Project Manager:
• Conversations with the client to understand their vision, while actively recommending ideas and asking the right questions to help shape the client’s vision if needed.
• Writing out project proposals (PDDs – Prototype Design Documents).
• Working with our programmers to estimate the projects.
• Reviewing prototypes as they’re under development, ensuring they meet our quality standards and the client’s vision, while keeping an eye on the time frame.
• Testing the prototypes to make sure the quality level is where it needs to be, and that everything is in line with the client expectations.
• Writing out various insights and recommendations gained during the prototyping process.

The key requirements:
• You’re passionate about games
• You’re able to empathize with clients in order to understand why they are excited about their project.
• You have strong analytical skills, allowing you to build a mental image of the project, and asking the right questions in order to gain full understanding.
• You’re well organized, and able to manage multiple projects and incoming requests at the same time, while staying on top of everything.
• You’re strong in written and verbal communication.
• You have an eye for detail.

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