Game Prototyping Programmer (m/f)

Posted On: May 24th, 2016    Job Type: Part Time    Job Location: ,

PreviewLabs is a company specialized in the development of prototypes for games and other projects using game development technology. We work for clients all over the world, including for game developers, game start-ups, and research institutions, who use these prototypes to evaluate, improve and pitch concepts.

We are looking for an on-site C# programmer with a passion for game development. In this position, you’ll be responsible for the development of prototypes, from start to end. At the same time, you’ll assess and evaluate the concepts.

In addition to programming, you shouldn’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and help with non-programming tasks such as writing additional documentation, assembling or creating dummy graphics.

If you’re a programmer with a passion for game design, this is the job you’re looking for!

• A degree in Computer Science, or a degree in programming aimed at the game industry.
• Passion for game prototyping or game development.
• Experience with game development: professionally as a gameplay programmer, or as a hobbyist. For the latter, we’ll require you to show us some of your past work.
• The candidate craves technical challenges and gets excited by the prospect of implementing a variety of game concepts (2D platformer, puzzle game, 3D action, serious game, etc).
• The candidate is a gamer and has already played trough a variety of video games.
• Being able to work independently and focused, and willing to learn at the same time. It is important not to be shy to ask any questions if it could help to achieve results faster.
• Good knowledge of the English language is essential.

• Experience with Unity3D
• Experience with game prototyping
• Experience with version control systems such as SVN or Perforce
• Experience with programming in C++
• A master’s Degree in Computer Science
• Experience with game design or having a keen interest in game design
• Able to create dummy art assets (2D or 3D graphics) for use in the prototypes.

Practical Information:
• The job will take place on-site at our location in Wetteren, Belgium.
• The candidate can start very soon.
• Applying for this position is done in English and through our contact form at

We offer a long term contract at an attractive salary package.

More information about PreviewLabs can be found at

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