Developer for shaders, lightmaps, reflection & light probes

Posted On: December 17th, 2016    Job Type: Part Time    Job Location:


INDG is looking for an expert in Unity3d during the process of a particular project, the project is confined within specific boundaries as part of a bigger product. The ideal candidate has years of experience working with Unity3d and is able to operate on its own for creating behaviors, has experience in pre-baked scenes, runtime generated scenery and preferably has some knowledge regarding shaders.
The project duration has been set to ca. 3.5 months.

• Expert knowledge of Unity3D including concepts like reflection & light probes, lightmaps, occlusion culling, LOD, prefabs etc
• Expert knowledge of Unity3D editor tooling
• Expert knowledge of C# and the Unity MonoBehaviours
• Strong knowledge of matrix algebra, trigonometry and computational geometry
• Strong knowledge of versioning systems like Git and SVN
• Strong knowledge of writing Shaders for ShaderLab
• Ability to work in an Agile manner
• Ability to develop for continuous integration
• Ability to develop for the iOS platform including knowledge of Xcode,
• A good sense of creating and maintaining modular, accessible and clear code bases.
• Understanding the value of production deadlines and priorities
• Understanding the business cases for optimization and profiling
• Knowledge of the PureMVC framework is advantageous
• Knowledge of Scaleform is advantageous
• Knowledge of languages like Xml, Xsd, Objective-C, Bash, NodeJS is advantageous
• Knowledge of tools like Ant, SourceTree, Jira, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Builder, Flash Professional & 3ds Max is advantageous

• Deliver the project as an integrated part of the consumer product
• Develop additional behaviours, adjust existing shaders & behaviours
• Write editor tooling for baking several solutions
• Write neat, robust, and defensive code according to the INDG style guide
• Deliver each sprint a demo of the implemented features
• Outline, document and contemplate with stakeholders about the workflow for asset delivery

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