Senior/Lead Engineer, full time, UK/London only

Posted On: December 8th, 2016    Job Type: Part Time    Job Location: ,

Playdiation is a small studio developing characterful and cinematic games in London. We’re currently looking for exceptional people to help prototype and develop our games. The nature of our technology and pipeline are just emerging, there are exciting new gameplay qualities and entirely new kinds of game experience to explore. We need talented people who are excited by this opportunity to invent and break new ground.

Our technology involves lots of novel challenges, from pipeline to editor tools, to optimisation and deployment. We’re looking for someone with an extraordinary talent in technical development, with a deep curiosity and appetite for invention. The role involves working closely with a small team (including Nick our technical founder) to develop a workflow and to implement ambitious concepts into an evolving set of tools.

This person should be confident detail oriented and have strong code discipline. They should know (and care) about asset pipelines, scripting processes and keeping a growing Unity project in good health. Mathematical knowledge would be useful too. All of this without forgetting that we need to make something beautiful and fun!

Useful technical skills would be:
– code discipline
– good knowledge of how to scale a game codebase
– experience with Unity mobile runtime optimisation
– asset and metadata ingest and export
– would know other scripting languages like Python

If you’d like to work in a small, ambitious and inventive team to shape new kinds of play we’d love to hear from you.

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