Virtuoso Developer

Posted On: April 10th, 2017    Job Type: Part Time    Job Location:

Virtuoso Life Reality is an MMO style (non-themed) game where users/creators can interactively build worlds using the in-game tool set features such as the character, landscape, object, ocean and sky editors.
Your role on the team would be multi-faceted with work allocated in a modular fashion therefore freeing the developer to work autonomously without hindrance from the rest of the code base.
You as a developer would be expected to have a good grasping of unity fundamentals including both scene and the unity component APIs. Solid knowledge programming in C# adhering to good programming techniques such as indentation, friendly variable naming. Able to work in a large code base when required to alter/fix existing products.
It is likely that your daily work will be interacting with the team’s content modeller/artists so it’s important that you have a good idea of their tools such as Blender and Gimp.
Working on an MMO based project is fulfilling and does offer a unique set of challenges which can provide a lot of reward, experience and self-worth when interacting with the Virtuoso team to solve difficult problems.
This is an educational opportunity to work with the owner closely who is an extremely advanced MMO Unity developer and his team learning new skills to increase experience. We cannot offer paid contract work at this time or until the project goes into production. Send resume and work examples with your email if you are interested in this educational opportunity with future financial benefit to email hidden; JavaScript is required

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