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Once Upon a Puppet is an award winning 2.5D puzzle-platforming game, with beautiful 3D graphics, set for release on PC and consoles. It features a mysterious world, a stimulating combination of puzzle-solving and platforming, and a fantastical art style.
This is an opportunity for you to help us forge the story of a puppet’s epic quest through a dark and threatening world of abandoned theater stages. With the team, you’ll help direct gameplay and weave an impactful, memorable story for players to enjoy.
We are looking for a wildly creative and talented generalist designer who can create fun game mechanics, enchanting levels and memorable story experiences within budget. You will be responsible for writing, designing and prototyping gameplay and narrative, balancing, tweaking and documenting design & story, authoring content with Unity, reacting to feedback and working with other team members to create a game that players will play, love and talk about for hours.
You will join a collaborative bunch of industry professionals, bringing ideas from initial concept/prototypes all the way to a finished product.
Come join our small team so that we can together bring puppets back to life for a new audience to enjoy!
ABOUT Flatter Than Earth
Flatter Than Earth is an independent game development studio located in San Francisco with some members working remotely beyond California. We are devoted to creating immersive fun fantasy worlds that have gameplay to match. We’re a small team, so everyone here has opportunities to provide feedback and unleash their creativity!
Our current project, Once Upon a Puppet aims to capture the attention and unleash the imagination of gamers of all ages! We work in Unity, and we plan to launch on Steam and Consoles Q1 2019.
We were recently featured in PAX West 2017, and a video of the demo showcased there can be seen at this link:

* Deconstruct new and existing mechanics and systems in order to be able to iterate and improve gameplay with specific gameplay improvements/outcomes in mind.
* Take lead design ownership over mechanics and systems.
* Through iterations, pursue prototypes that demonstrate and test gameplay mechanics and systems.
* Evolve designs and prototypes based on play testing and feedback.
* Recognize and stay abreast of game design trends, patterns, and consumer preferences.
* Create, discuss and provide input on new and existing Level Designs.
* Prototype and build levels based on sketches and ideas.
* Work together with the Programmers to create interesting and unique gameplay scenarios.
* Capable of working with modular 3D environment pieces.
* Have a critical eye for art and level composition.
* Organize assets into manageable Unity hierarchy structures.
* Collect ideas from team about the world and its characters, create storyline propositions that unify most of if not all of them into one coherent and exciting game story.
* Work with designer and artists to make sure everyone is on board with the story direction we are taking.
* Be minimalistic in your story writing approach, but at the same time make sure all the important points are hit and exemplary.
* Be aware of the small scope of the game and its economic story (we are not making an RPG) but at the same time make it feel larger than life.
* Make sure that story, gameplay and art are all synchronized and support each other in an exemplary way.
/OVERALL Duties:
* Attend and strongly participate in the weekly scrum meeting (demo, retrospective, planning) as well as daily scrum standups.
* Make tradeoffs to ship a sizable amount of content, on time, at the highest possible quality.
* Drive communication and collaboration between all departments towards the approved designs. Set priorities and objectives together with key stakeholder
* Provide and receive critiques in a constructive manner with suggestions and solutions for improvement.
* Assist in advocating best practices to the content team.
* Experience in launching a game. A minimum of one shipped AAA or known Indie title as a designer.
* 4+ years of game development experience
* 2+ years of design experience within the platforming and puzzle genres.
* 2+ years of Level Design experience.
* 2+ years of narrative design experience
* 2+ years of up-to-date Unity engine experience.
* Experience in scripting or visual scripting tools, such as Playmaker.
* Experience in platforming level design.
* Experience in puzzle design.
* Experience with fantasy inspired narrative and worlds.
* Have theoretical and practical knowledge on storytelling within games.
* Good knowledge of a wide spectrum of game systems and concepts.
* Ability to pitch game concepts clearly and effectively.
* Strong creative ideas and imagination, working within an overall game vision.
* Affinity for the puzzle and platforming game audiences, and an appreciation of its different player types, motivation and needs.
* Ability to see multiple perspectives for any design system and mechanic.
* Ability to identify gameplay and balancing issues and to offer solutions to fix them.
* Excellent balance, tuning, and polishing skills.
* Ability to reason both creatively and logically.
* Ability to work autonomously and think proactively.
* Must be creative and flexible when faced with constraints.
* Ability to work effectively within a small team.
* Assist in advocating best practices within team.
* Excellent communication skills; both written and verbal.
* Comfortable with agile Scrum development.

* Strong artistic ability, confidence to visualize game scenarios.
* Has experience with writing for social media and other promotional channels.
* Is comfortable in the community management space.
* Knowing what content management tools are useful in building levels in Unity.
* Experience with git or similar version control.
* Experience with JIRA.
* Knowledge of PC and Console technology — its boundaries and potential as it applies to games.

* Location: San Francisco, California, United States
* Job type: Full-time
* Salary: dependent on knowledge, skill and experience level.
* We are looking for candidates who can work on-site, remote work will be considered on a case by case basis.
* This is a minimum 6 months long term contract role with possibility of further long term full-time employment.
* We are looking for candidates that can start immediately.

Please send emails to,
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with the following subject HEADER:

Unity3Dwork- Specific Title – Full Name – Current Location
Example > Unity3Dwork – Level/Game Designer – Johnny Bravo – San Francisco,CA

* Resume with Portfolio link
* Cover Letter which includes:
** Why you are interested in working with us.
** As a designer how do you think you would fit into this generalist role.
** What games you do you like and are currently playing.
** What is your favorite platformer of all time?
* As part of the application process we might ask you to perform a practical design test.

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