Small proof of concept development. Unity / Android / Bluetooth

Posted On: November 2nd, 2018    Job Type: Part Time    Job Location:

We are looking to prototype a small Unity terrain with 1 character for use on Android.

This development is only for proof of concept purposes and does not need to be perfect.

(a) The terrain should be a basic amateur football pitch with a few stands (photos supplied).
(b) The character should be a teenager dressed as a football player.
(c) The character should have 5 movements (1) standing, (2) walking (3) jogging (4) running (5) sprinting.

The character will run on rails on a preset path around the outside of the pitch. No steering, lookup or anything else is required.
3rd person camera.
Input will come from a Bluetooth feed, so a Bluetooth listener thread is required in the app.

Depending on the frequency input is received by the app the character stands, walks, jogs, runs or sprints.

There are a couple of calculations (distance and speed) and we will supply the variables and logic for that.

Price is open for negotiation depending on who provides art assets.

Huge potential to move forwards into a much bigger contract once this proof of concept has been completed.

Please mail me with questions or offers to email hidden; JavaScript is required

email hidden; JavaScript is required

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